Pro-tip: Thats at birth.

Babies can’t be responsible for ANYTHING they do. They are babies. They have little to no proper motor skills. They can’t speak, they need to be fed, taken care of, washed, clothed, and treated. THEY’RE FUCKING BABIES….


Dalton. Dalton. Look. 

Look and read and Explain this shit to me. 

I have no explanation haha

But babies.. 

How are they racist?

Dalton, what is this chick smoking? 

Speaking of babies, the OP seems to have been dropped on their head when they were one.

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    Oh well then acid What would you suggest to correct the nature of racism in babies and children? What do we do with the...
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    Then I’m being very racist right now. Cause I can’t stop laughing.
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    Speaking of babies, the OP seems to have been dropped on their head when they were one.
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    Giggles are a racial slur.
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    So now blaming babies for racism is cool. Really?
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    this is tumblr. of course someone could be serious.
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    black people aren’t deserts
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    aseasonedplateofmurder is the dumbest piece of shit I have ever seen on Tumblr. I can only hope they are joking or 11.
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